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After losing my mother, I struggled with how to honor her memory. She was taken away piece by piece by Alzheimers. It is a horrible illness, but it was not able to take away her sweetness. In the end, what matters most is love, and she was the most inspiring example of love. I created these cards to inspire others to write a note to their loved ones and share the gift of being well-loved. A percentage of every sale is donated to Alzheimer’s research that offers help and hope to the more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s. 
These were the last words I heard my mother speak. She was in the last stage of Alzheimer’s and in her room surrounded by family. Everyone was talking and laughing when the nurse walked into the room and said she must be well-loved with so many people in the room. I could tell my mom could sense the laughter, love, and energy in the room. It took everything she had to speak at that point, but I know that is what she said. I was grateful that she was leaving us with the peace of knowing she was well-loved. It gives me comfort to know that she left with those words in her heart. 

Well-loved Merchandise

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